22 Kasım 2016 Salı

9. Sınıf İngilizce Çalışma Kitabı Cevapları Yıldırım Yayınları 2016-2017 Sayfa 38

 It is a British food. It is very popular in the United Kingdom. You can find it easily everywhere. It consists of fried fish and chips.

b- It is an American food. It consists of cooked meat. It is usually beef or chicken. The meat is between two pieces of bread. You can put ketchup, mayonnaise on it. You can also add tomatoes and lettuce on the meat.

c- It is a Japanese meal. It consists of rice, vinegar, raw fish. It is very popular.

d- It is a French food. It is a traditional food. It is generally a thin pancake. It can be sweet or salty. You can also add different flavors on it.
Match the descriptions with the pictures.
Write a short description of a popular food in your counrty.
11 Fill in the blanks with "but, because, though, however".

1 the weather was bad, we went to the beach.

2. The weather was bad , we went to the beach.

3. We didn't go to the beach the weather was bad.

4. She studied hard, she failed.

5. She passed the test she studied hard.

6. I want those shoes , I don't have the money.

7. I want to buy those shoes, I don't need them.

8. Mary is sad she lost her wallet.

9. Mary lost her wallet, she isn't sad.

10. She speaks English very well she lived in Oxford.

11.1 set my alarm , I couldn't get up when it rang.

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