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9. Sınıf İngilizce Ders Kitabı Cevapları Yıldırım Yayınları 2016-2017 Sayfa 109

7A People use these phrases and circle the correct choice.
People use these phrases when talking on the phone.

Saying who you are
Good morning, Lori speaking.
Hi, this is Lori from Ankara.
Hi, Lori here.
Hello, my name is Lori Moon.

Saying who you want to speak to
I'd like to speak to Jane, please.
Can I speak to Jane?
Is Jane in?
I was hoping to speak to Jane.

Leaving a message
Can you give her a message?
Can I leave a message for her?
Can you tell her I called?
Please ask her to call me.

Saying why you are calling?
I'm calling about...
The reason I'm calling is...
I wanted to ask...

Asking for repetition
Sorry, I ddn't hear that
Can you speak a little slower, please.

Saying who you are
I'm sorry, she's not in right now.
Sorry, she's away this week.

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