22 Ekim 2014 Çarşamba

9. Sınıf İngilizce A1.1 MEB Cevapları Sayfa 65

9. Sınıf İngilizce A1.1 MEB Cevapları Sayfa 65

I. Read Maria’s weekend plan again. Follow
the instructions and find the Old People’s
House on the map.

Next to the park. (Nursing Home)

N. Look at the picture and guess.

It’s about a trekking activity.

P. Listen again and choose the correct

1. would like
2. wants

Q. Listen again and find the following

What? Going trekking
Who? The Nature Lovers Club
Where? To Dunham Park
When? Next Sunday
What time? at 08.00 am 

R. Plan a weekend activity. Take notes for
the questions below. Then, write an
announcement about your plan.

Suggested Answer:
What? Dance Night
Who? Art Club
Where? At Blues Café
When? On Saturday
What time? At 06.00 pm.
Super Dance Night by Art Club
Would you like to have a great time?
Come and join us.
We are having a dance night at Blues
Café on Saturday at 6. Call Eric for

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