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9. Sınıf İngilizce 2. Dönem 2. Yazılı Soruları

9. Sınıf İngilizce 2. Dönem 2. Yazılı Soruları

A- READING –  Weather Forecast
Good Evening, Here is tomorrow’s weather forecast.
The weather will change I’m afraid. The sunny and warm weather is leaving the country. Showers will move in from the Mediterranean Sea and reach normal central and west Anatolia during the night. The minimum temperature will be around seven degrees in these regions during the night.
Tomorrow it will be cloudy with occasional rain, and the maximum temperature will be around fifteen degrees by early morning.
And now look out for the weekend. East Anatolia will have heavy rain and temperature will drop to eleven degrees in Erzurum and Kars. Diyarbakır is luckier with a higher temperature of sixteen.
And that’s all for now. See you tomorrow evening at the same time.
Read the text and write the sentences True or False. If they’re false correct them. 
1.    The weather will change tomorrow.
2.    In Eastern Anatolia minimum temperature will be seven degrees during the night.
3.    Tomorrow will be rainy and cloudy.
4.    The temperature will be around 15 degrees in the morning.
5.    Diyarbakır will be colder than Erzurum and Kars at the weekend.

B-  Make sentences with “Comparative” or “Superlative Form” of Adjectives 
1.      The Pasific Ocean is _______________________ the Atlantic Ocean. (large)
2.       This is __________________________ story in the book. (funny)
3.      John is __________________________ basketball player in the team. (talented)
4.      India is  _______________________ Japan. (crowded)
5.      Today my friends are ________________________ they were yesterday. (tired)
C-     Choose and circle the correct word: Adjective of adverbs
1.       I waited my friend quiet / quietly.
2.      My mother is a very careful / carefully driver.
3.    Andrew plays the piano beautiful / beautifully.
4.     We are well / good students.
D – Synonyms (Find the words which have same meanings)

rich – truthful – furious – thin – boring
1.       Skinny  _____________
2. Angry _____________
3. Uninteresting _____________
4. Wealthy _____________
5. Honest _____________
E – Antonyms (Find the words which have opposite meanings.

Complicated – ugly – mean – noisy – dry
1.       Quiet   _____________
2.  Generous _____________
3. simple _____________
4.  Wet _______________
5. handsome_____________
G – Match the questions with the answers. 
1.    Who will cook the dinner?                                 ________          A) At nine.
2.    Where did you work last year?                        ________          B)Mark.
3.    When does the plane arrive?                           ________          C) Almost everyday.
4.    What is Pamela going to write?                      ________          D) in London.
5.    How often do you play chess?                         ________          E) A letter.
F – Complete the story with the correct form of the verbs

1-   I __________________( go) to cinema every week.
2-   She _________________( come) home late yesterday.
3-   They _________________( visit ) their parents next week.
4-   We ___________________( not / see ) you at the concert last Wednesday.
5-   He usually ________________( read ) a book on weekends.
6-   ____________you_____________( watch ) TV yesterday ?
7-   We_________________( go) shopping two days later.
8-   Where is Cem? He is at bathroom, he __________________( have ) a bath now.
9-   She ____________________( buy ) a birthday present for me next year.
10-                     I__________________( not / like ) going shopping with my mother.
G – Rewrite the sentences using “Too” or “Enough”. 
1.    I can drink this coffee. It is hot.
2.    Computers will be very small. People can carry them in pockets.
3.     Mike is an intelligent student. He can solve this problem in a few minutes.
4.    The river is very polluted. Nobody can swim in it.
5.     My brother is 18 years old .He can drive a car.
H – Answer the following questions about yourself?   
 1.     What time did you get up this morning?
2.   What do you usually have for breakfast?
3.     Do you have a brother or sister older than you?
4.     Do you think robots will help humanity in future?
5.    Who is the tallest in your family?

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